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We started a "GoFundMe" Fundraiser for Philippine Outreach Centre Christian Academy (POCCA)

As you might know, because of the COVID19 Pandemic: quarantine and social distancing, schools had to close their doors and had no choice but to do their classes online. The problem that POCCA has is that most of their students have no internet, computers and/or gadgets for them to start the new school year with the Online Classes. So, the other approach is through making Modules.

According to the surveys conducted by the teachers of POCCA, the majority of the parents of the students agreed that the best system of delivering education to their children is through "Modular Materials". This means the teachers of POCCA will weekly make modules for each students to take home and work with their parents, while the teachers are ready to be contacted for any questions.

A great idea, but unfortunately this approach is VERY expensive. The resources needed will be MULTIPLIED and the school already lacks equipments and is underfunded. POCCA can't afford to start this school year and have no choice but to announce that "School is Out" this year.

WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! That is why we started this "SCHOOL'S NOT OUT" fundraiser.

Schools Not Out-12.jpg

POCCA a private school offering FREE quality education to 217 most marginalized students, from kinder to grade 10 in the local community of Subic, Philippines. POCCA is able to give free education because of donations and sponsors, also it is one of the 4 charitable works of Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries (POCMin).


The only resources the school has at their disposal are:
- 1 Desktop (black & white) Photocopy Machine for the whole school.
- 1 Coloured Printer
- 2 Desktop Computers, 1 for the teachers to share (for research, records, making exams, lesson plans, etc.) and 1 for the School's secretary (who would pause her own work to let the other teachers use because the queue for the other computer is too long.)

As POCCA has 217 students and with limited equipment, the hope of producing the required number of modules per week is impossible.

Schools Not Out-7.jpg

BUT! If POCCA were to acquire:
- 2 more Desktop Photocopy Machines,
- 2 more coloured printers
- inks and toners for those machines
- 3 laptops for the teachers to use
- About 500 reams of Paper
the job of producing modules WILL BE FEASIBLE

This Fundraiser will allow you to be a big part of this mission by donating towards buying these equipments (donations are tax deductible), and by helping us spread the word through sharing this GoFundMe Page, so that many more people will see the need and they can help also. 

COVID19 has negatively affected the lives of the children so much already, let's not allow their education to be affected by it too. Let's not allow the simple problem of, lack of "tools" be the reason that the kids will not learn this school year.

TOGETHER, we can advance education in Covid19 as say "School's NOT Out". 

School Photos (2).JPG


• Laptops → Php 18,888 (GBP 303.26) → 3 Units → Total= Php 56,664.00 (GBP 909.79) 

• Monochrome Desktop Copier → Php 15,000 (GBP 240.83) → 2 Units → Total = Php 30,000 (GBP 481.67)

• Toner → Php740 → 50 Kilos → Total = Php 37,000 (GBP 594.06)

• Coloured Printer → 13,500 →  2 Units → Total = Php 27,000 (GBP 433.50)

• Ink → Php2000 → 20 Sets → Php 40,000 (GBP 642.23) 

• 20gsm Legal Size Bond Paper → Php200 → 500 Reams → Php 100,000 (GBP 1,605.56)

• Estimated Fundraiser Expenses → Total = Php 9,336  (GBP 224.78)

OVERALL TOTAL = Php 300,000 (GBP 4,847.58) (USD 6069.40)

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