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We would like to thank all those who have donated to the “Give me this Mountain” project. The total amount given is an amazing P6.63M (almost £81.5K $91K). As I mentioned in the last newsletter there seems to have been a misunderstanding and the contract the owners sent for me was for P14M in stead of the P7M we had agreed verbally. So far there has been no explanation, but the Lord’s instruction to me was to do nothing but “Wait”. So I have waited (not the easiest thing for me!!). Praise God, after more than 6 weeks of no communication, the owners contacted me via their company secretary, and though there was no indication of an agenda, they have scheduled a meeting. Praise God there is at least a date and a possible end to the “waiting”. Of course I would greatly value your prayers for that meeting which will be on November 8.

- Chrissy

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We announced in a previous newsletter that a couple of siblings had been referred to us from Bicol region (a 16 hour journey). The children have no father figure and their mother has mental health issues. The children were not attending school and they were trying to sell nuts in the streets order to buy food and had no permanent lodging.


Whilst we were willing to help, POCCH had no financial means at the time to travel to Bicol to get the children. Thanks to kind sponsors who responded to that newsletter, we were able to get the children, two boys, Nathan and Joshua. The boys have been with us for almost a month and have settled in very well. They have struggled to adjust in school as have the other new children, because they have had little to no formal education since the beginning of the Covid lock-down in March 2020. Some of them have had to return to grade 1 or even kinder as they were unable to read or write. However they are all adjusting well and once they have caught up with their reading and writing, it is possible for them to advance to the normal grade for their age. Emotionally, all 6 of the children are adjusting well, but Nathan and Joshua in particular are loving their new home life in POCCH.

Of course with 6 new children there is a need for sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our children, please contact us at

One of our faithful staff members also welcomed a new sparrow into her own family. Angie’s baby was not due until December so we were all shocked to hear that she went into labour while on duty in the girls house. She had hoped that she and her baby would be able to attend the POCM Christmas outing, but I’m sure she was not quite prepared for such an early delivery. The Social Workers quickly arranged for her to be rushed to hospital and she arrived just in time to welcome her baby boy. Though she carried him only to 7 months and baby had to be incubated for a few days to be sure there were no underlying complications, Praise God, both mother and baby Nathan were released today with a clean bill of health.


prayer requests

We would appreciate your prayers for our situation regarding the purchase of our school, for the daily needs of the children in the Homes, provision for the much needed building maintenance of all POC facilities after the effects of the rainy season and for the church building to be approved in Wea



As you may know, we have not been able to visit the prisons since March 2020 on account of Covid restrictions. Praise God that we were granted permission to conduct services in Iba Provincial Jail and Pampanga Provincial jails for Prison Awareness week. We had a wonderful time in each jail and it was so good to learn that the inmates continued to have worship services even though no outsiders were allowed in to minister to them. It was wonderful to see that they were so hungry for the word of God. As it was our first visit I prepared a gospel message and many responded. It truly was a wonderful time.

a wonderful time. We were able to take donations of toiletries for them to assure them that even though we haven’t been able to visit them, they have been very much in our thoughts and prayers. After each of the services, I went to speak with the wardens/assistants to ask if we can now conduct regular services.


The warden in Iba immediately approved and we are waiting to hear confirmation for Pampanga. Please pray with us that Olongapo and Angeles District Jails will approve our request for regular visits too. The prison staff as well as the inmates are keen for us to start. Every Christmas POCM used to conduct parties for the inmates, hosting a talent competition with “A Saviour is Born” as their theme. It is quite a large expense for us as we award cash prizes in each of the 4 jails for the winning cells which they use for their cell’s Christmas celebrations. Please pray that we get the necessary approval and the finances to fund this activity as they have had none since Christmas 2019.


More updates

Please pray for the Philippines at this time. The tropical Cyclones “Paeng” and “Queenie” have caused considerable devastation and even the loss of 98 lives here in the Philippines. Whilst Subic was quite hard hit on Saturday and Sunday nights we praise God that the damage has been quite minimal as compared to other areas. At the Perillo household we have had no power for almost 2 days. Fallen trees have caused serious damage to the power lines. As our water is pumped up from the water storage tank below the house, when there is no power we have no running water either. However, this is little inconvenience compared to those who have lost their homes, livelihoods and even their loved ones. They are in our prayers.


Unfortunately the Mayor of Subic was temporarily unable to grant approval to continue building the church in Wea (Lupang Pangarap) as there is currently a land dispute. We would value your prayers, because this not only involves the church property but also the homes of many of our church members and other villagers residing in the area. These disputes can take years to settle in court, so please pray that the case will be tried speedily. If the government loses the case, the Mayor assures us that they will either buy the land for the villagers or rehouse the community elsewhere.



As the Christmas season is swiftly approaching please pray that the Lord provides for us at POCM as there are many additional expenses, not least of which is the Christmas bonuses, for the workers that are of course well deserved but are also required by law. The salaries, bonuses and Christmas party for our more than 70 part time and full time workers is POCM’s biggest expense in December. The workers serve with all their hearts for the Lord and for the POCCH children throughout the year so please pray that the Lord provides their needs as well as ours over the Christmas season. By God’s grace our request for 200 persons at the White Rock Beach Resort & Waterpark for our children, workers and their children, as been already been granted at the much reduced price (which is the same price they gave us last year). So the children are already excited about that… and the workers too!!!


We would like to thank all our faithful partners and sponsors. Your prayers and support are invaluable to us, and we are blessed to have your partnership as we continue the work that the Lord has given us to do here in the Philippines.


Together Let’s Make a Difference!


Love in Christ God bless,


Chrissy, Dondie &

your POCM Family 

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