In the Midst of Trials

We are so pleased for Monique and Simeon to be in their new home at last and are settling in nicely.  They made a wonderful job of the interior design and it looks so nice.  The children are loving their new home too.  

We, however, never dreamt that when Monique and Simeon vacated the POC guest house, that we would be next to move in. 

When we moved into our latest rental house 21 months ago, we didn’t expect to be there long.  So we had a year contract with the open possibility to extend.  Fortunately when the year was up, the owner was keen for us to extend as they needed the rental money.  But by August they made it clear that they needed us out.  At the same time our builder assured us that our house would be ready by mid-September.  It was not!!!  So I had to plead with the owner for another extension and they agreed to another month until mid-October.


As time grew nearer, and we still had no windows, no doors, no bathroom fixtures, no electricity and no water in the new house, it was impossible for it to be finished by mid-October.  So once again I tried to plead for an extension.  This time the landlord was unable to consent.  He had already sold the house and was under pressure to get us out.  So we had less than 2 weeks to find ourselves a place to stay and a place to store our belongings.

So literally the day Monique and Simeon moved out of the POC guest house, we started to move in.  While Monique and Simeon were staying here, the ceiling almost fell on them as termites have eaten their way through every piece of wood in the house.  The ceiling is currently held up with  a ‘tripod’ that Simeon put there to temporarily prop the ceiling up.  He was afraid to move it,  in case the whole ceiling fell on them.  We are thankful that they didn’t move the tripod when they moved out and we are just hoping it will hold up for the duration of our stay here too.
Four years ago we were in a massive 6 bedroom house and we had to buy lots of used furniture as we didn’t have enough furniture to fill it.  We were then evicted and went to a cute 4 small bedroom house.  After 1 year we were evicted again moving to a 3 bedroom and now evicted again to 2 bedroom (not ideal for 8 of us).  So we, our furniture, light fittings, belongings and pets are scattered all over.  But praise God we all have a roof over our heads.  Though many of our belongings are just under a car port (and it’s rainy season) we do at least have Nathanael’s scary looking dog, Judah, to guard at night.

The deadline to be out of the house is tomorrow (Oct. 15) and it is looking like we are almost done.  The older boys from the POCCH, and Dondie’s nephews have been such an amazing help.  We couldn’t have done it without them.  They are all still working there as I sit and type this already overdue newsletter.  

Aside from the emotional upheaval, moving is costly and now we have to do it twice.  So we would value your prayers.  It would be a great blessing if our house was ready to move in soon so that we are not moving again at Christmas.  We would love to be settled in our own home in time for Christmas, Lord willing.

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Thank you for prayers for prison ministry during lock-down.  Louie was able to visit the inmates in Iba Provincial jail and they expressed the desire to receive recorded bible studies.    Their problem however is that they have no way of being able to show them from a flash drive, so they have asked for a DVD player.  October is prisoner awareness month, they and the other jails have reached out to us for help.  Please pray that the Lord supplies all that is needful.

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prayer requests

Financial  provision for all our ministries during this time especially with Christmas approaching.

Please continue to pray for Mailyn. Miracle healing for her thyroid condition.  And Thelma for a miracle healing from lung cancer. 

Please pray that the door for     on-line or recorded ministry for Iba, San Fernando, will be opened to our prison ministry team. 

We would value continued prayers for churches, businesses, charity shops, and individual sponsors who support POCM and other missions in spite of the pandemic. Pray that God will continue to provide seed to the sowers and blessing upon their lives.


Since the Pandemic we have been unable to conduct regular bible studies in Wea.  As we had some left over donated clothes and shoes sent from the U.K. that didn’t fit our POCCH children, Monique offered for them to be donated to the needy in Wea.  Louie took them, as I was busy moving house.  The folks were so blessed to know that we haven’t forgotten them but remember them always in our prayers and with material help whenever we can.  

Thanks to ‘Your Kids Around the World’ for the donations.  They were gratefully received by all.


I’m sure you are like us, wondering what a Covid-Christmas is going to look like, as it is a first for all of us.  Helping Hands, who for decades have graciously provided each of our POCCH kids with Christmas shoe boxes filled with goodies, have already informed us that they are not having a container sent from the UK this year.  So we won’t be receiving those.
Our income in this month of October is already devastatingly low.  Everything is looking very troubling and disheartening, if we were to look at our current circumstances.  But I am reminded of my own words to our kids when they were small… “God has promised to supply all our needs.  If He hasn’t supplied it yet, we don’t need it yet.  When we need it, He will supply it.” If it is needful for the POCCH kids to have gifts at Christmas, He will supply.  If He deems it not necessary, then we still have reason to rejoice, because He will have met all our needs.  He is always faithful and all we need, He supplies. For sure by Christmas, we will know if gifts are really needful or not.  I’m reminded too of the many many blessings that God has given us that were not needed but merely desired.
HE isn’t confined to supplying only what we need.  He is able to do far more exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or even think.  All I know, is that I can depend on Him 


We offer our grateful thanks to all those who supported our “School’s Not Out” fundraiser, to get the 220 students from POCCA back studying after a long 6 month lock down.  Though they are still locked in their homes, parents come to the school to collect their modules for 8 subjects every week.  Because of your sacrifice and support our teachers are able to print the thousands of pages needed every week for their students. 
We got word that another Christian School led by Lorna, (former teacher from POCCA) and founded by Pam and Martin Scott (Former POC missionaries) were also in need of printers, we were also able to send a copier to bless them at “Little Voices Elementary School” too.  We are also waiting for a printer to be delivered that we have ordered for them too.  They were so blessed to have a share in “School’s Not Out”

We are so grateful to you all for your faithful love, support and prayers.  We remember you all in our prayers too and ask for the Lord’s blessing, provision and protection to be upon you all, especially during this time of pandemic.  


Love in Christ,          
- Chrissy, Dondie and your POCM Family 

 UK CHARITY no. 1074092

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