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February has been a month of great blessing in Philippine Outreach Christian Fellowship Subic, as we celebrated the church’s 38th anniversary. Nathanael felt led by the Spirit for us to have a week long celebration to focus on building our relationships as a church family. So with our theme of ‘Harmony’ the celebration was spread over two Sundays, to include a Sports Night, Worship Night and ‘ShatterNight’ (an open mic evening of sharing of gifts and talents) ending with a 5:00 am prayer walk from the POCCA school to the church, where around 80-100 of us united to pray for our town as the Holy Spirit led each of us while simultaneously walking through the town centre. Even the Sport’s Night was well supported by many of the church members, where even those less ‘sporty’ gathered to support the members as they had friendly matches of Basketball for the Men and Volleyball for the women. The children were included of course with obstacle races and other games to encourage them to work together as teams.

The midweek Battlecry worship Night was a wonderful time of worship, prayer and ministry as the Holy Spirit led and the church was filled men, women and children worshiping together in unity. The Shatter Night was a time of particular blessing for me. The night started off with a lovely special song presented by our “Shine” children’s team of toddlers and one of our POCCH boys Kenneth (11 years old) , played his guitar and sang a solo. Many of our POCCA students had formed groups or bands and practiced together especially to share their gifts and talents of singing, praising, dancing and even a poem recital. Some were their own compositions too. It was wonderful to see them so bold in their service of the Lord.

- Chrissy


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In the Philippines, a Barangay Captain is an elected official responsible for the policing of a small village (Barangay) to lessen the load on the town’s police force. Ruel served as Barangay Captain for many years in Calapandayan where our Children’s Homes and School are located.

His children and grandchildren studied in our school and he was always very supportive. Lynette Domingo and I had shared the gospel with him way back in the early 90’s.

The Lord has been working in his heart for a number of years, and out of the blue he and his wife started to attend Monique and Simeon’s weekly open air night outreach service (Campers).

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After many weeks of attending there, Ruel started attending POCF Subic with his son. His wife Glenda however was strictly Iglesia Ni Cristo (a Filipino religion) and would not consider attending POCF, but continued to attend Campers. She has since testified that while she was attending the Iglesia Ni Cristo, her mind started to turn and she started desiring to attend POCF. She attended one Sunday morning and the following Sunday she announced to Dondie and I that she and her family were committing to POCF. She and her family have attended almost every single activity since. It is wonderful to see them so on fire for the Lord. They are also people of influence in our local community. They fill their van with children and young people whenever they attend.

They also had a group of their grandchildren and children of relatives and close friends to sing and dance to participate at the POCF Shatter Night. As soon as Glenda gave her heart to the Lord she requested to be baptised and she didn’t want to wait. We just gave one week’s notice for any other new members to have the opportunity to get baptised too. So the week after our anniversary we had a baptismal service. Praise God that along with Glenda and husband Ruel there were 5 more adults, Several young people and even some children who went through the bible study to be sure that they knew what they were doing and that they understood their commitment.

We ordinarily would try to discourage children from going through the waters of baptism, but they wouldn’t be deterred and they fully understood what they were doing. With their determination, those words of Jesus echoed in my mind..... “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:14), and so we did not forbid them!! Praise God it was a wonderful time of celebration.

- Chrissy

prayer requests

- We would value prayer for continued financial provision
for the daily needs of the children in the Homes.

- Healing from Cancer for Mama Veronica and prayer that
she will be given the ‘all clear” after recent check-ups.

- We would value your prayers for a miracle for our finances.
The 70+ POCM workers need a raise in salary in order to have a living wage since the massive raise in the cost of living.
It is an urgent need.


This month we welcomed a new sparrow to our family; 9 year old “Joy”. Joy came to be part of our family by approaching our Social Workers and asking if she could be admitted to the children’s home. Her mother was recently hired as a houseparent at the Boy’s Unit. She came to me desperate for a job, she is a single mother, left by her husband to care for 3 children. And at the time had just given birth to her youngest child. Desperation led her to give up her youngest child, she asked a friend (who was struggling to bare children) to take care of her youngest. She raised Joy and her older brother, taking them with her wherever she could find work. She is currently living with her mother in the same village as POCCH, and took a chance to apply for a job. Joy has witnessed the struggle her Mother is going through, fending for them, and struggling to pay off debts. Which led this 9 year old to take the initiative to approach the Social Worker to ask if she could be admitted to POCCH. Since their mother was traveling from one place to another to find work, Joy’s schooling had been on and off. This was one of her main concerns, and she expressed to the Social Workers that she wants to finish her education so that she can help her Mother.

She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. In the first few weeks of her being in POCCH, she gave her heart to Jesus and was one of the children who decided to get baptised with her Mother. Though she does miss her family, she believes that being in POCCH will not only help her situation but also her mother’s. If you wish to sponsor Joy, please feel free to contact us this would be a huge help in “making a difference” in her life.

- Monique

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It's that time of the year again where all of our permits and licenses are required to be renewed. This year the Social Services has updated a NEW REQUIREMENT for all child caring agencies, (even though all institutions are struggling to make ends meet) we are now required to put up 2 rooms for each Unit. One “Isolation Room” and One “Infirmary” each equipped with beds and basic medical equipment.

Though we have all argued the relevance of these rooms, since we could take them to the hospital when needed, this was a policy passed by the National Standards Bureau. We have no choice but to comply.

They have only given us a couple of months to comply with this requirement, or our license will be revoked and will no longer be able to take on children. We would appreciate your prayers and support for this urgent requirement.

God bless.

- Monique


As our time here comes to an end, reflection brings to light the struggles confronting this nation—poverty, hardship, the deep longing for compassion and the desire to be known and loved. Working closely with the children has been the most enriching aspect of our journey and has revealed how desperate they are for affection. This has placed a profound responsibility on us to guide children towards the ultimate source of love- Jesus Christ. Amidst such adversity, it has been beautiful to see the children flourish and their lives transformed by love rooted in faith at POC.

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Sadly we have had to say goodbye to our volunteers from the U.K. Josh and Lauren Agbozo. It’s hard to believe their 6 month voluntary service in the children’s homes has come to an end. They will be greatly missed. The children loved them almost as much as they loved the kids. They did an amazing work during their time here. Lauren’s mum got a chance to visit us also, and was kind enough to treat the kids to Mc Donald’s. We wish Josh and Lauren all the best as they continue to serve the Lord wherever He may lead them.

Thank you all again for your faithful prayer and financial support. We are privileged to have you partner with us as we serve here in the Philippines.

Together Let’s Make a Difference!


Love in Christ God bless,

Chrissy, Dondie &

your POCM Family 

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