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Goodbyes are the hardest, especially when the children have been with us so long.  Julia was less than a year old when she came to POCCH as her mother had been a victim of domestic abuse, was struggling alone and was unable to care for her.  Since that time her mother has worked hard for over 9 years to prove to the Social Services that she is capable to regain custody.  We also said ‘Goodbye’ to Kristina, who had also been with us from less than one year old.  Though her mother was approved for custody more than a year ago, she wanted to stay with us to complete the school year.  She is now happily reunited with her mother and siblings.  Gena, who also grew up in POCCH has been learning independent living in our Halfway house for girls.  Gena had never known her birth family, but our social workers worked really hard and were able to locate them.  It was a joyful reunion for Gena and her siblings.  Whilst goodbyes are very hard, there is nothing quite like seeing the sparkle in the children’s (and/or young adults) eyes when they are reunited with long lost family after spending many years in a Children’s Home.  We do however, value your prayers for them as they leave as  life doesn’t always turn out how they expect, so we continue to followup their transition and pray that they will be happy in the care of their families and are ready to step back in if all is not well. Simeon became acquainted with the owner of Feraque Beach Resort as he was a regular customer at Sparrow’s cafe. When Simeon testified to him about  POCCH he offered to give our children FREE entrance to their resort at ANY TIME.  It was perfect timing as we were able to take the girls out for the day as a farewell treat for Julia and Kristina.

Kristina’s sister Patricia (who was also in our care when she was younger but was reunited with their mother much earlier than Kristina), now works as a Police lieutenant.  In appreciation for all POC has done for herself and Kristina, she sponsored a month’s supply of toiletries for the children’s homes.  This came in a time of great need and we were so grateful. We are very proud of our Senior High School Graduates; Jojo, Bea and Jacob.  They have now moved from POCCH to our halfway homes.  They have part time jobs and have enrolled in college.  Bea is taking up BS-Education Majoring in Special Education.  Jojo and Jacob are both taking up computer science.                                              

  - Monique


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You will be aware that after fundraising last year for the ‘Give Me this Mountain’ project, raising funds to buy the school (which included the disused hospital building adjacent to it) to prevent closure that was threatened by the Dept. of Education.  I had raised more than £80,000 last year, only to be told by the owner that they had underestimated the size of the property, so the amount required to make the purchase shifted from £106,000.00 to £160,000.  As you know we paid the deposit for the building earlier this year with an agreement of five years to pay the balance.  


Though donations have been steadily coming in for the project, it still seemed that we were far from the total.  Nathanael and I planned the trip to the UK and Germany with the purpose of helping reach that target and to increase the number of child sponsors. But praise God, the very day we arrived in the UK. we received a call from my niece Jo, to say that there had been an anonymous donation of £38,137.96 for our ‘Give me this Mountain’ project. You can imagine our elation.  God is so faithful.  And that was just the start of our trip. We would like to thank everyone who has responded to this project.  When I return to Philippines I will be able to give an accurate account of the total raised (with the varying exchange rates etc), but by the grace of God we are nearing our target.  God is so good. Time has passed so quickly and it’s hard to believe that Nathanael and I will soon be returning to the Philippines.  It has been wonderful to meet old friends and make new ones. We are truly thankful to all those who have helped us along the way.


 A special thanks too for the many people who responded to our child sponsorship program.  This is a massive ongoing help that enables us to support the children we have in POCCH and to reach out and rescue others. There is a lot to be done, but together we can truly make a difference.          



In our March News update we shared of the sudden loss of our beloved trustee and dear friend Sue Kelly, it was only a few months later that her husband, Danny also went to be with the Lord. Nathanael and I went to visit him in hospital the day we arrived in the UK.  I am so thankful that we had a chance to see him one more time and tell him of our love for him and pray with him the day before he went into the Lord’s presence. Of course it is a very difficult time for his daughter Nikki, who has lost both parents suddenly within a matter of months.  So our prayers are very much for Nikki, Neil and their daughters Beth and Issy.

- Chrissy

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prayer requests

We would value prayer for continued financial provision for the daily needs of the children in the Homes.


Healing for Mama Veronica (one of our houseparents) undergoing chemotherapy. Aside from a miracle of physical healing, she also needs a financial miracle to cover her medical bills incurred.  


Kryzniel needs prayer too as he is in a lot of pain.


On July 10th, POC Christian Academy had its recognition and graduation programs.  This past school year has been one of adjusting and getting back to school after years of the students studying at home.  Everyone did an awesome job working very hard to get the students back to the ‘normal’ system of studying.  There were many challenges that confronted the teachers coping with their students’ varying learning gaps caused by the pandemic.  The year school yearend was a celebration for everyone, parents, students and teachers alike.  


The day was full of smiles, tears of joy and of course, selfies.  We had the privilege to have Colin and Sam from Soul church U.K. join us for the celebration. 

Please pray for the Lord to provide a replacement for sir Renzo who was our High School Science teacher.  We would like to thank all our partners and sponsors for making another successful school year possible, allowing us to continue to provide a high quality Christian Education to all our students.  If you would like to see the awarding and graduation programs we invite you to our Facebook page POC CHRISTIAN ACADEMY as both of our programs are posted there.  May the Lord richly bless you.                  



More updates

In the past weeks, we have noticed an increase in the attendance of the inmates in all our jail outreaches.  In Zambales Provincial Jail, Pampanga Provincial Jail and Angeles District Jails, we have more than 100 inmates attending each service.  We experience a spiritual move among the inmates and it is proven by the change in how they receive God’s word and how they respond in worship. Our friends, Sam and Colin from Soul Church UK. visited us here and joined our prison outreaches in PPJ and ADJ.  They had the opportunity to share God’s word and invited the inmates to the altar to receive Jesus.  Praise God, many responded and came to the altar.                                                      


 -Louie Bonilla

Thank you all for your faithful love and support of POC. We give additional thanks for those of you who invited Nathanael and I to share in your churches, small groups and homes during our ministry tour.  May the Lord bless you richly. There is so much to be done for the Lord in these days.

Together Let’s Make a Difference!


Love in Christ God bless,


Chrissy, Dondie &

your POCM Family 

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