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It is with great joy that we announce our initial payment for the 3,762 sqm land, school building and Former hospital building.  At last we are beginning to take possession of the promise.

We paid a 30% deposit of P3,385,800  (£51,300 €57,415, $61,875) of the full sale price of P11,282,000.  This will satisfy the Department of Education that POC Christian Academy as being eligible for Recognition.  

Whilst this does leave us with a large monthly obligation of P131,670  (£2000 €2,232 $2407) on top of our ever increasing regular monthly needs for the next 5 years, we believe that by God’s grace and for His glory, we will be able to complete the full payment way ahead of the five years, so that we can start renovating the hospital building and see the vision being accomplished.

We would greatly value your prayers for this.  It is certainly going to stretch our faith, but God is in the ever increasing faith business, as without it is impossible to please Him.  It is such an exciting journey doing life with Jesus!! 

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As we announced in our last news update, we have been able to resume our ministry in 164, (Olongapo District Jail) after a 3 year stay due to the Pandemic.  Within a few weeks of starting, we had a referral of a toddler, Sander (2 yrs old).  His mum was in 164 and she was also pregnant.  Earlier this week Sander’s mum was rushed to hospital to deliver her baby but she didn’t make it.  She delivered baby Sandra in the van on the way to the hospital and we were contacted immediately to pick up baby Sandra.  So we have two new sparrows resulting from our resumed ministry in 164. Both sparrows are settling really well.



We would value your prayers for Joshua.  Joshua grew up in POCCH and now works as a caregiver in the boys house while he furthers his education.  Sadly he was the victim of an accident.  He was injured after his motorbike was hit.  He sustained a broken jaw and lost several teeth.  He is in need of an operation but is having to wait until the swelling subsides.  Initially he was told he would have to go to Manila for the surgery due to lack of equipment, but praise God there is a possibility that it can be done locally, which will reduce the cost quite considerably.  We would value your prayers for the provision for the surgery and for its success.

prayer requests

We would value prayer for financial provision for the daily needs of the children in the Homes, and provision for the  maintenance of all POC facilities as prices have risen so much that it is a great struggle.

For provision for and successful surgery for Joshua.

Financial provision for Kryzniel’s motor for his tricycle.


The prison ministry is doing extremely well.  After being absent from the prisons for 3 years we thought it was going to be a struggle starting again.  Most of the inmates we ministered to have either been released or transferred to the national correctional facilities in Manila.  Many of the inmates however were longing for fellowship with Christian Ministries from outside the jail and our services have never been so well attended as they are today. 

When we met with the jail wardens of the Male and Female Dorms in 164 to approve our schedule, they agreed that we could have a combined fellowship with both male and female inmates.  This is a massive breakthrough for us.  We haven’t been able to minister in the male dorm for decades because we couldn’t get a schedule that suited both the jail administration and our ministry team.  So this has been a wonderful blessing that the new warden of the Male Dorm approved the joint fellowship.  So far it is working really well.  It’s wonderful to see the women who completed the Christianity Explored course with Gillian attending our regular services.

In Pampanga Provincial Jail (PPJ) we were initially only able to minister in the men’s dorm, but we were aware of the great need to reach the women too.  Every week I would ask in the office and they would turn me away saying there was no space.  Praise the Lord our persistence paid off and we have now been given a limited time (with controlled noise levels) with the women.  But our foot is now in the door and we are rejoicing. 

We are still praying for an opening in Angeles District Jail.  We now have our BJMP (bureau of Jail Management and Penology) official ID from the regional office so that qualifies us access in any of the BJMP Jails.  So we can expect to be in Angeles very soon.  

More updates

Kryzniel (whose letter I have attached tat the end of this section) is a former client of Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministry and a former worker of POC.  He had a terrible accident which rendered him paraplegic at just 26 years old.  His partner left him soon after the accident and he now struggles as a single parent with no job or income. He often messages me for advice when his daughter gets sick and he doesn’t know what to do. It’s a heartbreaking situation.  He does know that POCCH are willing to step in with care for his daughter should he need it, but having his daughter is the only inspiration he has to get up in the mornings.  He pushes through the temptation to be depressed by his circumstances and he sees God’s miraculous provision that gets him through each day. He has been kept only by the grace of God and the generosity of Christian friends. His letter is a short testimony with an appeal for help with his fundraising for a new motorbike for his tricycle so that he can get to and from hospital visits for himself and his daughter. Please take time to read his message...


"Good day everyone. I am Kryzniel Melbert Sanders 31 years old and I had an accident on March 8 2018 and it caused my paralysis. I have a daughter who is 5 years old now. I am separated from his mother. It is now 5 years since I had an accident. I want to thank the Lord because for those 5 years until now he has not abandoned me because for 5 years full of trials I am here and still breathing. Jerimiah 29:11-12 "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you". That's why As a reminder of the month of my misfortune. I would have liked to take the opportunity to ask for help.


Since my accident, I have not been able to walk and one of the big parts of my life is the (motorcycle w/ sidecar) that can take me to the places I need to go such as the hospital clinic and others. Because I live far from the city, motorcycles have been a big part of my life. and now that I've been crippled for five years, I've been with "billy" (my motorcycle w/ sidecar) for almost five years. He has gone through a lot of work and it costs a lot when he is brought to the factory. and these past months I feel the difficulty of not being able to use him especially when I need him. going to far places like the hospital. so instead of asking for help to get it done I know it will cost quite a lot. I thought that why don't I put my face up and ask for help to buy it even though it's not new, but I know it's better and I can use it for a longer time than asking for help and having my motorcycle repaired at a large cost and only a month later there is another problem. So now I'm knocking on your hearts and hoping that I can ask for a little help, it's not too much, even if it's just buying a second-hand motorcycle w/sidecar, it's already a huge help in my life and I'll be very grateful to those who will extend their help to me."

- Kryzniel

On February 26, celebrated our 37th church anniversary in the Subic Sports Complex.  It was wonderful to have so many POCF members from our daughter churches attend.  There was almost 800 of us gathered for the celebration many of whom were guests who were not church goers.  Praise God, many responded to the gospel and our prayer is that those responses result in their true salvation.  Many also responded to the challenge to reach out and share the gospel with others.

It really was a tremendous time for which we give the Lord all the glory.

We would appreciate prayer for the people and our church in Wea (Lupang Pangarap).  A rich land developer wants to get access to their land and have persuaded the government to build a road through the mountain.  That road will run right through the centre of our church and will also cause 11 families to lose their homes. It seems that I am the only one speaking on behalf of the people losing their homes.  I will be meeting the planner of the Dept. of Public Works and Highways, and the city Engineer to discuss this situation.  We are praying that good will come out of this in spite of what it seems.


Thank you all so much for your faithful support and prayers.  It’s such a blessing having such wonderful partners. 

Together Let’s Make a Difference!


Love in Christ God bless,


Chrissy, Dondie &

your POCM Family 

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