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Throughout the 36 years thus far of my Missionary journey, the month of December has always been the most challenging on my faith walk, mainly because we have to make plans for Christmas activities for all our prison and children’s outreaches, School and Children’s Homes during a time of financial constraint and without having an idea of what our income or budget will be.  Many years ago, in the 80’s I remember preparing the POCCH children that there ‘Might not be gifts this year’, they challenged me with their faith response, “But we’re praying”.  That our monthly income arrived on December 23, insufficient for gifts, but mum and I shopped for gifts that day until we dropped.  When we got home, Dondie told us that there was a lady from Denmark (whom we did not know) who gave a $10,000 cheque for POC.  From then until now, God has never ceased to amaze us with His providence and provision during the Christmas season.  So now, when we make our plans, we  base them on our experiences of the faithfulness of God…and declare as in the worship

song… “this is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet, I never will forget, You’ve never

failed me yet”. Contrary to how it seemed early in December, Christmas 2019 ended up

being a Christmas to excel most.  God has been so so good to the children and volunteers

of POCM.  Right up to the middle of December it had the appearance of being the lowest

income month in a financially lean year.  But nevertheless we continued with our plans

trusting that the Lord would provide, starting with our Christmas parties for the inmates

in the jails.


In Pampanga Provincial Jail, there had been a number of inmates escape.  Whenever there are jail breaks, the authorities clamp down hard on security and inmates innocent of ‘the break’ are the ones to suffer the consequences.  It looked unlikely that we could go ahead with our Christmas concerts.  But praise God, though we were given limited time and not all inmates were able to participate in the activities, permission was granted.
We had successful parties in all four jails.  It was quite moving when one long term inmate in 164 told of how they really looked forward to the parties given by POC and their faces when they received simple prizes of soap and face towels.  Integritas also donated toothbrushes for all the inmates in Iba jail.  All in all we had a wonderful time, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in each of our prison ministry outreaches.  Special thanks to all who gave to make it a special day for those behind bars.  God Bless. 


Since we first provided 9 homes in the village of Wea for the landslide victims in 2013, we have given Christmas food hampers for all our bible study members.  This year we didn’t have sufficient funds to be able to do this, but we were aware that they would not only be expecting it but because of great need, they would be desperately relying on our donations. So we gave our POCF Subic church members the opportunity to donate for this cause.
Praise God, sufficient groceries were given to bless 22 families and even excess left over to bless the elderly members of the church. 


Our Shine Children’s ministry team pulled out all the stops and worked really hard to raise funds to give the needy children in Wea and Baltao, a fun filled Christmas party.
Many years ago, a young mother came up to me and thanked me because I gave her a doll at Christmas when she was 8 or 9 years old.  She told me it was the first gift she had ever had in her life.  That was one of the things that inspired me to try to make sure that the poorer children in our community have the opportunity to receive at least one gift at Christmas. 
Our young people did an amazing job, providing food, gifts and fun for all the children at their Christmas Celebration.  Most of the Shine team are kids from our POC Children’s Homes, Christian Academy and/or POCF youth.
The highlight was our POCF church Subic Christmas Eve carol service, not only because of the many wonderful performances, but because Nathanael gave a short gospel message which resulted in several expressing their desire to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  This of course the most wonderful gift of all,  for which we give the Lord all the praise.

prayer requests

Please pray for a former worker of POC Joel Bamba who is in a serious condition in hospital with TB of the brain.

Please pray for Hannah, one of the toddlers at POCCH  who had a nasty burn  by picking up a  hot used sparkler. 

Please pray for financial provision for January and vision and guidance for 2020.

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We would like to give special thanks to Claire and Helping Hands who, in spite of no longer having their own ministry in this area of the Philippines, generously provided Shoe Boxes for all our POCCH children and  visitor Linda from Hesketh Bank UK, gave for the kids to even have Christmas stockings too.

We also thank our faithful friends from FCM in Germany, Denmark and sponsors in England who gave generously to see to it that we were able to take our children out for Christmas Day to Subic Adventure Waterpark and to see to it that each and every child had a cash gift to go shopping (their once in a year opportunity to choose their own clothes and shoes).

It was our first time to take the children to this particular resort and it really was a tremendous success.  Everyone had a wonderful time and without mishap or hindrance.  It really was a great fun day for all our children, workers and their children.  So we are most grateful to all those who made this possible and the resort manager who was very gracious to give us a generous discount.
Several local businesses came to give Christmas parties for our POCCH children.  


So it truly was a Christmas for POCCH Children to remember. After all the festivities were over, kind POCM workers and volunteers, opened their homes to welcome children from POCCH who had no home or family to visit over the holidays.  So there were no sad face emoji’s for POC Kids this Christmas. 

Special thanks too to all the volunteers of Your Kids Around the World, The Sparrow’s Nest, Annie’s Orphans and Dropinn, charity shops throughout the UK who work endlessly to send regular support to POCM and to other ministries like ours.  You are truly a great blessing to our children and workers.
We also thank all the individual sponsors and churches (too numerous to name) who partner with us giving generously throughout the year, enabling POC ministries to continue throughout the year, making a difference in the lives of those we reach.  God bless you all.
Thank you all so much,

With Love,

Dondie, Chrissy & Your POCM Family