Philippine Outreach Centre


In the 80’s there were many indigent families whose children had no chance of a good education nor hope of escaping the cycle of poverty that had gripped their families for generations. In order to at least give some of these children a hope of a good future, POCM had a vision of offering a private, Christian education free of charge.

Christian Academy


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Starting in 1988 with 20 Kindergarten students most of whom were the children of

ex-prisoners living in the Philippine Outreach Centre rehabilitation home facility with Lynette Domingo as the Principal, POCCA (Philippine Outreach Centre Christian Academy) went on to include Elementary and High School levels.

POCCA still allows its 180 students to study completely free and operates through the good will of kind donors and sponsors.


We provide not only the kids of our children's home, but also those in our community a FREE education. We have classes from nursery to High School. Unfortunately, due to the lack of rooms in our facility, the High School is not yet accredited by the department of education. You can help us make a difference!

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