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We are a team made up of ex-prisoners, church members and willing volunteers who visit four jails in our Region to offer moral support to the inmates. You can help us make a difference!

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Prison Ministry

       In the Philippines, once a case is filed the accused is incarcerated in one of the local jails until their promulgation (pronouncement of judgment) after which they will be either released or transferred to one of a few prison facilities such as Muntinlupa (where there are a minimum of 17, 000 inmates incarcerated), to complete their sentence.


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Unfortunately, due to the weakness of the judicial system and backlog of cases, trials usually take a minimum of 3 years and often as long as 6-10 years (the longest trail witnessed by the POCPM team being 20 years and still on-going).  This makes it particularly hard for inmates emotionally.  It is the endeavour of the POCPM team to help the inmates better cope with their situations through the message of hope brought by the word of God through regular talks  and bible studies.  These give strength and encouragement to help them face their hardships, separation from loved ones and the severe overcrowding that takes place in many of the jails.

     The team offers other assistance when requested such as following-up cases (inmates get lost in the system simply because they have no friends or relatives follow-up their cases), attending court hearings, appealing for court orders to attend family funerals or emergency medical care.  Inmates are not provided with any toiletries or medication so the POCPM team try to offer assistance if possible.

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After her first visit to 164 jail in September 1983, Chrissy went on to establish POC Prison Ministry team.The Philippine Outreach Centre Prison Ministry (POCPM) team visits four jails, Olongapo District Jail (164), Iba Provincial Jail, Pampanga Provincial Jail and Angeles District Jail every week.