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Anyone who has visited POCM over the last 21 years would have met Jerry.  Jerry was detained in Pampanga Provincial Jail (PPJ) on charges of fraud and illegal recruitment (finding jobs for Filipinos abroad illegally).  While in jail awaiting trial he used his time to lead bible studies, start a band, assist all the religious volunteers with their services inside (including POC) and focussed his time on serving the Lord.  Out of the blue he was transferred to Angeles District Jail (ADJ).



















That was a traumatic change for him especially when he became sick and needed surgery.  After surgery he contracted TB and it left him almost blind and left him barely alive, he survived due to the kind intervention of Rachael and the Integritas team.  I had been to follow up his case many times over the years, but I could see that he was losing hope.  However, as illegal recruitment is a capital offence and trials here have no jury, I felt it was very risky for me to be too vocal as it could land him with a life or even death sentence.  It was hard for me to be patient and soul destroying for Jerry.  So you can imagine our joy when he told me that his promulgation (pronouncement of judgment) was suddenly set for December 7th.  We requested prayer around the world.  Gabs and I attended his promulgation.  The court was packed with inmates all to be tried that day and Jerry’s was the last of all.  You can imagine the joy and relief when the judge said, “Acquitted”!!!  That was the best Christmas gift,  Jerry’s freedom after a 21 year wait.  The judge is requiring him to pay damages (including 21 years of interest) to his complainants, which we are appealing, but praise God he is free.  He was able to spend Christmas at home with his mom who thought she would never see her son again as she is dying of cancer.  In the 21 years of his incarceration his wife left and married abroad and he doesn’t even know the whereabouts of his son.  But he is grateful to be free and is texting everyday asking to join the POC prison ministry team when we resume our ministry in the New Year.

The Special Gift

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