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2018 Issue no. 9

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We were very blessed this year to have so much support from the parents and families of our 200 students for our graduation/‘Moving Up Program’.  Some parents travelled literally hours to be there for their children, which is so encouraging and means so much to them.  It was in fact our best crowd ever, helped by the convenience of having our church tent for shade from the afternoon sun.  It was wonderful having our visitors Mike and Carl from Sheffield join us in the giving of special awards and having keynote speaker Paula, a former student whose mother died of cancer and father abandoned her and 7 siblings.  They were raised in POC Children’s Homes from when she was 8, she is now a registered nurse working in a private hospital locally.  The program was a powerful opportunity to “Let  light shine before men” through testimonies, songs and the scriptures.


The students performed so well with their dances, songs and speeches.  The nursery and kinder students of course stole the show as always with their super cute outfits, matching smiles and quirky dance moves.  We rejoice in God’s faithfulness for the completion of another school year.  God is good!!


Sadly we will be losing 1/3 of our teaching staff this year.  As the economy of the country has improved over recent years, the cost of living has shot through the roof.  


Government schools have raised their salaries to compensate for this, but we have been unable to do so.  Our teachers come to serve in POCCA for a “love gift” but the needs of their families have soared.  They are trying to meet the needs of their families with little more than £100 a month.  This is their dilemma.  They long to serve the Lord and the marginalised children of POCCA, but they can earn at least double or even three times as much working for the government.  Many of our teachers left in tears.  We would love to be able to offer them more as we appreciate the great value of spreading the gospel and changing lives by reaching 200 hundred students every school year.  We hear from former students who were orphaned or abandoned and like Paula are now doing well in life with their chosen career and we would love for this to continue.  


Maybe you can help?  A small commitment can go a long way to encourage a teacher to show that they are valued.  It may be the very thing that will encourage them to stay. Please contact us if you are willing to give a little to sponsor a teacher or to help us give them a pay rise.

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