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FCM is an agency in Germany that sends volunteers to help various missions throughout the world and POCM are blessed to be one of their mission partners. Caroline

is an FCM volunteer and has been a great blessing especially in the Well Babies Unit in the Children’s Home, where she has worked for the past year. Aside from sending volunteers, FCM tries to raise funds for projects proposed by their volunteers.


With the help of FCM, Caroline was

able to raise funds to renovate the Well Baby Unit and to convert one of the rooms into a toddler study room.


One of our babies Crystal, is microcephaly and has severe heat


2017 Issue no. 5

allergies so air-conditioning is essential for her but the A.C unit in the babies bedroom was broken.


Caroline was able to raise funds

to have it replaced and also raised funds to buy 8 new beds, complete with mosquito nets and bedding. The babies, were so excited with their new bedroom, they felt like little princes and princesses.


Sadly, we have to say goodbye to Caroline, but she goes with our sincere love, thanks and

blessing and will continue to hold a place in our hearts and we know POCM will continue to

have a place in hers. Her desire is to continue to help POCM in any way she can in the

future and has been the inspiration behind Mum and Nathanael having a POCM awareness

tour in Germany in September. So they look forward to seeing her soon.

                                      - Monique

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Please pray for Chrissy and Nathanael as they tour England, Denmark, Germany and the U.S that many will respond and support our most vital child sponsorship program.