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We would greatly value your prayers for Crystal. She has microcephaly. Usually she is such a happy baby but she has been ill lately and had to be hospitalised. Please comtinue to pray for her.


We praise God that Ivan (a boy of our Special Needs Unit with Downsyndrome) has had the all clear after his surgery and no longer has to travel to Manila for his check-ups. For a number of years we have had a considerable concern for Robert (a boy of our Special Needs Unit that has severe autism). He has needed medication to control his violent outbursts.



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My brother Rannel offered to work at the Unit and specifically help care for Robert. So, it was part of his job to take Robert to the SPED school in Subic everyday.


While at the school, Rannel offered to do a balloon modelling activity for all the students in Robert's class. It was a great success and the children had lots of fun.

Robert has developed well since having more structured activites, so much so that he NO LONGER needs the medication. We have found that with the proper activities and excercise he has learned to handle his emotions much better.













- Monique