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We are a children's home caring for children who are abandoned, living in poverty, and/or their parents are in prison. We give them food, shelter, education and a hope for a better future. You can help us make a difference!

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Children's Home


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Our Vision

We envision that every child experiences love, care protection and sense of belongingness through programs that are Bible based and culturally relevant, giving them a positive outlook in every aspect of their lives.

Our Mission

To provide education, love, car and a safe developmental environment for the children of prisoners and children who are abandoned, neglected or orphaned. And provide programs and activities that promotes the child's spiritual, social, emotional and cognitive development.

Our Goal

To provide residential care for the children of our clientele ages 0 to 18 years old. To meet their wide range of differing needs, we aim to provide services that practices children's equal rights and provide a stimulating environmentthat promotes self-esteem and confidence through individual and social developmentand maximizing their quality of living enabling them to make informed Godly choices about their lives.

The Philippine jails were nothing like the prisons that Chrissy was used to in the UK.  There were no guards keeping watch inside the cell blocks.  The inmates were locked inside and the guards kept watch at the gate.  Visitors entered at their own risk, but then children stayed there at their own risk too.  They were exposed to acts of homosexuality, orgies, drug taking, physical and sexual abuse.  

The plight of the inmates’ children living on the outside was not much better.  Upon their parents’ arrest many of these children were abandoned.  In the 80’s The Department of Social Welfare Development (DSWD) did nothing to help these vulnerable children.  They would turn to a neighbour or friend for help but often found abuse at the hands of those from whom they sought refuge.  The kindest of neighbours or relatives would offer food in exchange of services such as washing clothes by hand, cleaning, ironing and the like. For most of these children there was no hope of going to school.


Chrissy endeavoured to offer these silent victims of crime a loving, safe, home where they could continue their education and have the hope of a promising future.

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The doors at POCM were open to children of inmates needing a place of refuge in 1987 and later Philippine Outreach Centre Children’s Homes were established.


There are currently two children’s homes housing four departments, the Boys Unit, Girls Unit, Baby Unit and Special Needs Unit (for children with special needs requiring 24 hour supervision) in which there are around 75 children.  These facilities are run by a wonderful team of POCCH Social Workers, House parents care givers and staff, led by Executive Director Monique Perillo.

Children are able to stay in POCCH as long as they want to be there or until their parents are released and/or are financially stable sufficient enough to support them.  Re-integration is encouraged when the want to return and the home environment is healthy and safe for the children.


Legally the children are only permitted to stay in the children’s homes until they are 18.  If POCCH children want to continue their education, POCM offers them a home in one of our Halfway House facilities where they will be able to enrol in college and be helped to adjust to independent living.


When Chrissy first started her prison ministry in 1983 she was very shocked to see that there were children staying in the jails simply because their parents were incarcerated and they had nowhere else to go.